Éclat Nova Luxuries is an ethical and sustainable brand which creates effective, high-performance, luxurious, all-natural, plant-based skincare solutions and eco-living products

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"The Essence of Dominica in Luxury Skincare and Eco-Living Products"

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With products made from raw sustainably grown & sourced organic ingredients, contain no parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde and are cruelty-free.

Best For Your Skin

The natural ingredients used in our products help ease discomfort associated with very common skin conditions affecting individuals such as Eczema, Hyperpigmentation, acne, dry itchy and sensitive skin, and are also extra moisturizing to enhance the skin’s suppleness.

Natural &


No Sulfates
Parabens or

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Botanical Massage Oil Made From Plant Extracts & Essential Oils

Refreshes Relaxes Soothes

Our massage oils are made from natural and pleasant-smelling ingredients; they help to refresh and relax the body and senses.

Our products are made in small batches using the finest natural and organic, sustainable ingredients.